Zenit Ambiente’s Drum Skimmer is suitable for the recovery from the water surface of oils of different viscosities, from the most volatile such as gas oils and gasoline to the most viscous such as crude oil. The drum recovers water-free oil so it is particularly suitable for any application where a pure and possibly reusable product is required. The roller is also able to recover the thin film of oil that, when present in small amounts, creates a surface iridescence. It can operate completely autonomously without the presence of operators and supervision, continuously for long periods.

The operation of the skimmer is very simple, based on the adhesion effect of the oil to the particular roller material. The rotation of the rollers creates a surface flow that allows the recovery of floating substances even in areas of the tank farther from the Skimmer. The roller is rotated by an air motor, the oil adheres to the surface and is lifted off the water. As the oil adhering to the roller approaches the scrapers, it is recovered and conveyed to the reservoir where the pump, also pneumatic, direct suction and located on board Skimmer, is housed. The pump sends the recovered oil to final storage.




The Skimmer is suitable for the recovery of petroleum products from spills in the sea, rivers or bodies of water of all kinds, and also finds application in industrial tanks, reservoirs and wells polluted by waste oil. The oily product is recovered as is, without the use of additional chemicals or solvents, so it is reusable in applications that allow it.

The Skimmer is buoyant and can operate in tanks with fixed and variable liquid levels, even with only 20 cm of water; it is unsinkable and resistant to the aggression of seawater and chemicals, thanks to the plastic materials of construction. Lightness and small size make it easy to transport and handle manually or with light lifting equipment.

The Skimmer can be used completely independently, with the help of a compressor in remote locations and without the presence of an operator.

The Skimmer is patented, complies with every national and European regulation, and is CE marked.


Refineries; Fuel Depots; Steel Plants; Marinas; Tankers; Port Basin Clean-up and Sea Recovery Companies; Engine Maintenance Facilities, Car Washes and Machine Shops; Rainwater Treatment Plants; Purifiers; Civil Defense Departments.