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barriers absorbent and containment, oil-absorbent granular minerals from impiego on soil and water and similar products but of plant origin, dispersants approved by the Italian Ministry Marina Mercantile and much more…

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excellent performance

We have developed, produced and marketed “next-generation” items that, by zeroing in on the risks of use, Ensure the best effectiveness in remediation and sanitization operations: pollution control barriers of our production guarantee excellent performance Both in permanent systems (marine, lake or river) that in the temporary systems, rapid, for port, sub-shore or offshore use.

There is much more…

At present, the range of ZENIT Ambiente products is even wider in order to provide the end customer with an increasingly diverse range of solutions. Within our catalogs, in addition to the above-mentioned products, you can find: nets, lines and ropes, buoys, self-lighting buoys and other marine equipment, as well as motor generators, compressors, pumps, electric pumps and blowers. In consumables, however: asphalt mix, TNT, geomembranes, geogrids and various PPE.

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New containment systems, plastics recovery projects, depth barrier systems, environmentally friendly boats to recover liquid and solid pollutants-we continue to develop ideas for environmental protection!

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