Universal emergency response kit 240 Lt

Emergency Kit – First Aid

240-Liter Emergency Response Kit.
Case with lid and wheels, PE 580x730xh1070 mm approx.
Availability on pallets: 4 bins per pallet.

  • No. 150 universal absorbent sheets (50×40 cm 200 g/m2)
  • No. 07 universal absorbent socks (Ø 8 x L 120 cm)
  • No. 10 universal pillows (23×38 cm)
  • No. 1 roll bags for recovery
  • No. 2 pairs of gloves
  • No. 2 safety glasses


Emergency response kits constitute a safety equipment to be placed in all those places where accidental spills or leaks of liquids, hazardous or otherwise, of various kinds are possible, and where it is necessary to have a supply of absorbent materials ready for intervention. Depending on the models and possible amounts to be absorbed, the kits contain sheets, pillows, barriers, rolls, absorbent granular, neutralizer, and collection bags.